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  • Opt begins from 8 units. An important clarification.The minimum quantity per color size is 2 units. If you do not find pictures of the model you want in the desired color in our library, we will take pictures for your store, if you order the minimum size range 2 XS, 2 S, 2 M for one model in one color. 
  • You can order any of our models in any available color. As well as any color combinations, even if they are not in our price list. This can be discussed further. 
  • We can make our products with pockets for removable cups, this is discussed separately. For some models the cups are not available due to design issues.
  • We try not to use any plastic packaging for our products. If you have a need to get each item in labeled packaging, we can use paper bags. But this will additionally increase the total weight of the parcel and may lead to higher shipping costs. Barcode labeling is also available for each item if needed. We put a barcode on the size label. 
  • Delivery costs are calculated separately. The price of delivery depends on the number of ordered goods. At the moment EMS courier delivery service is available for small orders up to 10 kg. We deliver larger orders by DHL. Average weight of one swimsuit 0,09 kg, top 0,07, shorts 0,07 for example. 
  • You can pay for your order either by bank transfer to our UAE bank account, or I can prepare a link for you to pay by card or Apple Pay (Google Pay) via Stripe payment system. Production of your order starts after full prepayment.
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